Posted by: writingwitch2013 | January 26, 2013

Songs in the key of silence

I practically dragged the girls the three roads to school and deposited them at the entrance door with a quick kiss. I patted Becky on the head and tucked a stray piece of Jodie’s hair behind her ears then waved them goodbye over my shoulder as I rushed back up the path to the gates.
In the minutes it took to get from the school to the end of the first road the queasy feeling became stronger waves of nausea. I stepped up my pace and stumbled slightly.
I was swamped in dizziness and a searing pain ran down from my temple to my jaw. I’d had frequent migraines the previous month but nothing as severe as that pain.
Then something in my world contorted. Everything was wrong.
Numbness was following the trail of pain down the side of my face. I felt burning on my face like hot irons on skin. I had never felt burns like it before. The numbness carried on past my jaw and down the side of my body.
I was violently sick down my Austin Reed suit. I couldn’t move out of the way.
I remember thinking ‘what sort of migraine is this?’
I needed to get home fast.
I tried shouting to the people walking past the house. The words were born in my head but they died on my lips. My legs and arms stopped functioning properly and I staggered to a wall hoping for some support. I felt drunk, unable to control my limbs.
Somewhere in the fuzz that had once been my brain I realised that I needed an ambulance. I fumbled around in my pocket for my mobile phone. I had no control over my hands and fingers. Reaching for the wall I fell. As I lay there all the sounds of traffic, the school run and the birdsong receded…


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