Posted by: writingwitch2013 | February 11, 2013


I have been working on a new novel and trying to perfect an opening. It is the first novel and is set in an art gallery. it is romance or chick lit.

The second novel is a magical realism and almost finished.

First chapter of novel one…

Chapter 1
There was a silence for the first time that morning. The phones that had been ringing constantly and persistently since 7.30am had paused, and in the welcome lull Bea’s colleagues were rushing to leave their desks, grab their coats and bags and head off for lunch.
It was the fourth of April. End of the old tax year and the beginning of the new one, and for Beatrice it was the end of life as she’d known it for the past two and a half years and the beginning of … What? What now?

First chapter of novel two

Chapter 1
“It says here that all you have to do is… ‘Take a pure white cat that is the daughter of a pure white mother. Put it alive into a pot of boiling water and hold it down so it doesn’t jump out. Boil it until the fur falls off and the bones soften . Then find the hind leg and suck the marrow. You will immediately become invisible to anyone who tries to look at you.’ It’s an old recipe from a Scottish witch.”
“You’re grasping at straws Fran, and even if it did make him invisible the spell will be illegal, surely? It’s horrific.”

I worked all day on the first one … And I know which I prefer. The second!


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