Posted by: writingwitch2013 | February 12, 2013


I am now 43 days into the 100k words in 100 days challenge , and my word total is almost 50k, well actually it 48, 368, but if I put down this G&T and carry on writing instead of reading this great novel by Peter May (the third in his Lewis Trilogy)… I could probably manage to get up to 50k By bedtime.
Why do I write?
Is it the challenge?
Is it a need, like eating or sleeping?
Is it for pleasure?
Is it to escape, or live another characters life?
and the answer is… (Drum roll)
It is all those things
I found a positive outlook on a friends Facebook status today… So I have ‘borrowed it’ for my blog;
Here’s an interesting question or position… I took on the nanowrimo challenge full of self doubt and expecting to fail, but I rose to the challenge and 50,539 words later I won !
No one could be more surprised than me.
But here’s the ‘thing’ …
When I won I felt like a winner,
when I got the certificate , it proved I was a winner
I bought the t shirt to look like a winner.
When I wear the t shirt I act like a winner.
Does wearing a t shirt boasting of your achievements make you a loser? (Aside from having to pay for the unflattering, shapeless t shirt, plus customs duty! )
Will anyone staring long enough at my boobs , to read the message printed there, even care?
The funny thing is… After I won nanowrimo I was full of ambition… The further away the finish date became the less I felt like a winner and the ‘ who am I to think I can write anything worth reading’ devil jumped on my shoulder and shouted down any attempts i made at striving for a goal.
But like superman and dumbo, when I wear the t shirt I can do anything. I wore it to go for a walk this morning and ended up jogging… I never jog… I was only ever a 100m / 200 m sprinter, even in my young and fit days I couldn’t jog or run over 400m . Today …Wearing the t shirt I jogged a mile and walked just under 3 mile between 7.15 and 8.30 am !
Now I am not saying I will do that everyday, but today I achieved something else too….
The feel good factor.
I’m off to type some more novel……



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