Posted by: writingwitch2013 | February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day.




Today I am sitting at my desk waiting for awen. I had intended to rewrite a valentines story.

So far…

My heroine, Jude,  has just nipped to the shops to buy a few finishing touches for the meal she is preparing for her new boyfriend. ( She met him in the last book) . As she comes out of the last shop she spies the parking attendant checking the time on parking tickets, he is a dozen or so cars away from hers. Laden with goodies she dashes back to her car before her parking ticket runs out, opens the boot, throws in the shopping, ( obviously not fragile items) and jumps in the drivers seat (she seems to be feeling very lively today , dashing, throwing, jumping… Must stop drinking coffee whilst writing!)

As she turns the key in the ignition (she hasn’t yet upgraded to one of those cars with a keyless push button start) she spies a note that someone has left on the windscreen. The attendant is approaching rapidly, she can’t get out to retrieve the note so she backs out of the space and drives to the other side of the car park and stops in an empty space. She gets out, lifts the wind screen wiper and pulls out the note from under it. It is written on a piece of a page torn from a book review magazine. Next to the review of a new release, ‘The Stalker’ someone had written in thick block capitals.. ‘I AM WATCHING YOU.’



…. Not quite the story I had intended, but I am going to run with this.


Happy Valentines Day .



  1. Sounds like there could be either a horror/thriller in there or a very twisted romance/love story. Or… (Clicks fingers) thinking outside the box, a bit of both. Creepy. Having suffered at the whim of a stalker for a year or so some time back it can be a very unsettling and poisonous position to be in. I wrote my experiences into first novel of my CPR trilogy and expanded on them in the sequel CPRII. Good luck.

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