Posted by: writingwitch2013 | March 19, 2013

My life changing moment…

My life changing moment came after 8 miscarriages, and one still birth at 26 weeks … May I present my daughter, who arrived , a healthy 7lb 11oz at 41 weeks . To have her I had a new treatment at the Royal Liverpool University hospital. I was one of 10 guinea pigs to trial the amazing treatment that is now widely used and acknowledged. I was married at 21 yrs old and was delighted at the end of our first year of marriage to discover I was pregnant. That delight soon changed to despair as I miscarried and went on to miscarry every pregnancy each year for 6 long years. After my 8 th miscarriage they discovered I had an immune problem. My body rejected foetus like it might a kidney transplant or other  ‘foreign ‘ body. The research at the hospital discovered that taking cells from tissue from an after birth of a baby just delivered, and made into a serum, which could then be dripped slowly  through a tube  into my arm over a day, would make my immune system recognise a pregnancy and protect it. This one day changed my life, and the lives of many other women.

Unfortunately for me, the baby I carried after that, even with 4 months on bed rest in hospital and a lot of tender care from the staff, didn’t survive beyond 26 weeks because after so many miscarriages my cervix had weakened and couldn’t contain the weight of a developing baby. The second pregnancy after this miracle ‘cure’ did however survive. After 30 weeks of hospital bed rest, a stitch in my cervix, dozens of hormone injections, a box full of  folic acid and of course tons more tender care from the staff, hubby, friends and family, my daughter Gillian arrived… In her own time… And a new life begun.


I add a post script here… I went on to have another baby a very healthy 9lb 2oz son, but his twin died in the womb. I decided to stop while I was winning and at thirty years old I was very grateful to the consultant and Professor at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital… for my two beautiful children… two little miracles. This was the  same hospital who, by the way, were responsible for the anti D injection given to all rhesus negative mothers who give birth, myself being one of them too.

Even now that my children are 26 and 24 yrs old I have never forgotten baby Mark who although born too early looked perfect in every way. The Liverpool  Roman Catholic Cathredral, known affectionally as Paddy’s Wigwam to all the scousers, has an area dedicated to children who died with no resting place . ( Mark was born too early to be buried or cremated and probably ended up in a sluice.) not having a grave to visit to tend a much wanted  baby is an upsetting thing to a mother, but these wonderful people in the cathedral have made this area as a place to focus on, even though I am not a Catholic. I also have my own special place to visit by a river and an old tree where I can feel close to him.

Blessings to all of you who are still waiting for your life changing little miracle, may your dreams be where you expect to find them.



  1. What a beautiful and inspirational story. Thank you so much for leaving the link to it on my blog post.

  2. What a moving story and a beautiful photo of a special moment.

    • Thank you, DJKirby and Bel Anderson. I have my two rewards for perseverance, but even now I can’t read about other women’s struggles (real life or fiction) without feeling their emotion. As an example ; I read Sarah Rayners novel, The Two Week Wait, and I filled up so many times throughout the book but still enjoyed it. (I won’t leave any spoilers here) but it was well written. I’m looking forward to reading Special Deliveries D J Kirby.

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