Posted by: writingwitch2013 | March 20, 2013

Alban Eilir and a breath of fresh air

Symbols of springs rebirth

Symbols of springs rebirth from the Ukraine.

It is spring equinox and the Goddess is awake. The forces of light are equally balanced with the forces of darkness, and with it comes hope, rebirth, renewal and balance. Alban Eilir has arrived, usually symbolised by a hare or rabbit bringing the egg for rebirth and has become better known as the Easter bunny.  The shamrock is also symbolic of the spring equinox and not just a charm for St  Patricks day. It’s not only the druid symbol of the sun god and of the holy trinity, but of the teaching of Awen and the triple Goddess. Spring has three festivals… Imbolc  which is February , the first stirrings of spring  and celebrates Bridgid. The second festival is Alban Eilir which is the obvious beginning  of spring, though with the weather lately you would hardly think so, the middle festival, and the third festival is Beltane in may, the fullness of spring before it changes to summer.

To use a quote from the druid Bards;    “Alban Eilir, at the point of balance between Imbolc and Beltane, is at the point of balance too between day and night, and it is a perfect time to open to the quality of balance in our own lives.”

I always used to think of it as a time to renew my more important New Year Resolutions that may have dropped off in January , I likened it to the spring cleaning of the home, sweeping with a new broom and dusting off the slumbers of winter.

Whatever the weather, the appearance of the snow drops , miniature daffs , crocus and aconite in the garden , pushing up through the earth,  never fails to lift my spirits. Spring has a special smell in the air and a certain feel first thing in the morning, and when the birds are singing and the colours of the garden are cheering up the dull earth it makes my heart sing, and chores don’t seem to be such, well, chores anymore.



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