Posted by: writingwitch2013 | March 22, 2013

Labour of love….Or the adoration of Grandad.


Poem I wrote about my lovely Dad when my son was two. Mum and Dad used to knit picture jumpers for my two when they were young. Dad knitted the back and sleeves while mum did the complicated fronts. The children used to tell nana and grandad what pictures they wanted then eagerly await their jumper.
Dad used to get home from work and no matter how tired he was he would work on the jumpers for his cherished granddaughter and grandson so that they ¬†didn’t have to wait too long.


Labour of love (1990)



Sitting by a roaring fire


With needles and wool in hand


Comfy on a time worn sofa


Listening to Billy Cottons band



Knitting pattern at the ready


Grandson sitting at his knee


Watching, waiting for his grandad


To knit his fireman Sam cardi.



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