Posted by: writingwitch2013 | March 23, 2013

A writing retreat.

Writers studio Last week, until it started snowing, I was clearing out my studio. it used to be the children’s  playhouse in the garden. When they grew out of it my husband clad and insulated it and had electric put in for me to use as my craft space for doing messy craft work. Then when I stopped work it became filled with boxes and items with no home and unloved. When the sun shone two weeks ago… Yes it did, I glimpsed it… I felt an urge to clear it out and evict the spiders. I painted the outside on a rare warm dry day, and moved in a table, filing cabinet, and two chairs  ( one of  them was a swivel chair to make it look more professional ). I  bought some signs. One I will eventually paint ‘writing studio’ on in a fancy writerly way, a blackboard sign on which I can chalk ‘in my studio’ and ‘ please bring me tea and snacks at xx o’clock and x o’clock’ (insert appropriate times), and an arrow sign saying ‘ this way’ incase they don’t know where I am! It just has to stop snowing now.

Fancy a writers retreat anyone….



  1. I did this with our garden shed too- but it’s been waaaay too cold to use it! Can’t wait for Spring…

    • Ha ha ha.. This is spring. Oh, you mean the real spring? I was so enthused the other week in getting it ready and how I was going to sit in there all pious and writing. Even imagined the floral 50’s style dress and little cardi and ballet pumps, sipping my tea from a vintage floral tea cup and saucer. 🙂 . If I went out now I’d be dressed like nanouk of the North worth a bright red nose, frost bitten fingers and a tankard of hot toddy. !

  2. This is what I want too! But we’ll need a second shed because I don’t want to share with the lawnmower! Looks lovely – lucky you!

    • Thank you 🙂 Lawn mower I wouldn’t mind, but the spiders were a different matter. I don’t normally mind spiders but their webs were thick enough to be net curtains !!!

  3. Sounds and looks lovely, especially being so connected to nature too x

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