Posted by: writingwitch2013 | March 25, 2013

Procrastination (or the art of being a writer).

imageThe t shirts I ordered arrived in the post today. As did a fridge magnet and a mug.


Why did I feel the need to order them?

One word.


I usually begin by writing on my laptop or iPad.  Then the ideas stop flowing, or in the words of the first t shirt the imaginary friends refuse to talk to me. I have writers block. Actually writers block is just a phrase used as an excuse to wander off and take an indefinite break from doing something you should be doing and instead doing something you prefer to be doing or something you should have done on a previous day.

My biggest sin is getting up from my writing and walking to the kettle to boil water for yet another cup of tea or cappuccino. Once the drink  is ready I invariably open the cupboard or fridge looking for a tasty morsel to accompany the said drink. Hence the fridge magnet, worded  …’ back away from the fridge. Good. Now go back to your writing.’ !

If the cup of tea and breaking for the odd job doesn’t cure the writers block, I indulge in the next sin. Facebook. That can occupy a great deal of writing time. If there isn’t a lot of activity on Facebook to fill my block break, I resort to surfing the net… Amazon and Pinterest being my biggest weakness. Actually Pinterest is good. I feel as though I am actively researching my background and plot to the novel or future novels. Amazon is the devil though. I can’t resist a good book or bargain book. Which is were I found the site to order my writerly stuff. Along with the t shirts and fridge magnet I found a mug too. I thought it would be great to go in my writers retreat. It reads…. ‘Writer (ri’ter) noun.. Person who spends all day drinking coffee and posting on Facebook while pretending to work on a novel’

erm… Yes well…..

Back to the novel…….



  1. ‘Writer (ri’ter) noun.. Person who spends all day drinking coffee and posting on Facebook while pretending to work on a novel AND reading various online writery friends’ blogs rather than making a start even though it’s 10o’clock’.:D This made me laugh, especially the bit about the kettle. If I’m at work I rarely get more than the odd gulp of a rapidly-cooling cuppa a couple of times a day – if I’m lucky I get to drink a while one at lunchtime! But at home I suddenly have this desperate need to make a hot drink every couple of hours! 😀

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