Posted by: writingwitch2013 | March 25, 2013

The making of Celia Crabtree.

Poor Celia she looks so downcast.
I heard it all of course, although she doesn’t know that. I couldn’t believe what I heard and I should have seen it coming but I was so taken up with other things these last few months, that I took my eye off the ball, to use Claire’s office speak.
Her manager always uses sayings like that. Celia dislikes Claire intensely. It was a known fact that Claire was jealous of Celia’s knowledge of the business and also true that she feared her job was not as secure as it looked, due to Celia’s little indiscretion.
 To be fair to Celia, her affair with Ryan Collins was not public knowledge, but there had been nudges, winks and jokes in the company before Ryan was seconded to Germany , that had taken a while to die down and Clair worked on the old adage ‘ no smoke without fire’.
I watched as Celia arranged two lettuce leaves , a slice of mozzarella , a quartered tomato and a large chunk of cucumber on a plate. She ever did have much imagination when it came to meals. Her designing skills lay firmly in the textile market. To Celia, food was just a necessity of life, though how she managed to stay alive on that God alone knows.
Funny really, I always thought Celia played at being a vegetarian. I never said anything to her, but I sort of presumed that she did it because it was trendy and because I was. I always had my suspicions that when no one was looking she would have a huge steak or meat and potato pie.
I got that wrong. I have followed her around now for months and if she was going to sneak a chunk of meat it would have been following my funeral. We were very close, but it was touching, even dare I say, gratifying, how her world fell apart after she saw me buried.
Which made things worse when she discovered, discovered mind, she wasn’t told, that the book she had been planning to write to promote the woven fabric produced by their sister company, had already been written by Claire, and that Claire had included some of Celia’s designs in it. They had only made a little tweak here and there to make it less obvious.
Making Waves. A freestyle machine embroidery.
designed and embroidered by Awen Thornber.

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