Posted by: writingwitch2013 | May 15, 2013

Rain and another grim day up north.

imageToday I will finish my current WIP


After  almost a week of migraine I can finally see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It is still too bright and I still need to wear shades, but it is a rainy day and what better than to spend it inside writing.

I have missed the creativeness.

I am behind with my targets.

I have slipped back into the murky pools of doubt too…..

It is true that I managed to read a great book for 9-12 yr olds by Cornelia  Funke called Ghost Night. I found it relaxing despite the migraine which forced me to rest and put it down many times, even when I was reluctant to do so. The book had pictures and decent sized writing so I didn’t have to strain my eyes. Even better was the fact that my hubby and I had stayed in Salisbury, where the book is set, and I knew all the places mentioned, so I didn’t have to work too hard at pushing my imagination to conjour up a picture of the action.

Enough of sitting around ! Now I need to get back to work …

 The storm beat against the window of my small room. The long fingers of rain pressed against the pane then ran down to the depths of the sill, they took my fragile soul down with them. It was 5am, when I reluctantly inched my way slowly out of bed and took the stairs down to the garage step by painful step. The rain beat against my dressing gown and soaked into my slippers as I slowly and quietly opened the garage doors and dragged out the boxes and large heavy bin. My hair was bedraggled and dripping down my neck. I knew it was foolhardy, but it was a situation of my own making and I realised that I must act quickly or miss the opportunity. As I closed the door behind me I cursed my forgetfulness ……… Stupid, stupid migraines, messing with my head. I could have stayed warm and dry in bed. But if I missed the recycle bin collection day I’d have another two weeks to wait.


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