Posted by: writingwitch2013 | June 17, 2013

The power of the pen

Design by Lillie Leonardi


English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton used the phrase ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ in his play ‘Richelieu or the conspiracy’, in 1839. *

The play was about Cardinal Richelieu, though according to the authors own words ‘license with dates and details has been , though not unsparingly, indulged.’

So after a fraught couple of weeks that included a wide range of emotions culminating in tears of  utter helplesness, I turned my attention to my pen and paper. There I could pour out all my angst, frustration, loss, outright anger, injustice, indignation, and aggression into a work of fiction without actually hurting anyone, although this is  a tale of murder and revenge, because over the last month I have once again discovered that emotional hurt is so much more painful than physical  hurt and that the pain goes on and on and never gives up or goes away.

The novel may or may not have the characters based on the antagonists causing me so much grief, it may or may not be based on, or include, real incidents that have hurt or angered me and you will never know if  the conversations places or situations were real. But will know.

I will know that every written or unwritten word I work on will be giving me great pleasure in ridding myself of the poison that is brewing inside and much better than any therapy or psychologists couch is the knowledge that with  the simple act of applying a pen to a piece of paper I can erase any trace of the antagonist(s), imagined or otherwise!



* also unknown sources are  Greek play from around 400 BC is the tongue is mightier than the blade… But in my situation speaking out would land me in a more unpleasant situation than I find myself in now.

Also in around 500 BC the phrase the word is mightier than the sword is thought to have been used by the sage Ahiqar.


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