Posted by: writingwitch2013 | December 30, 2013

Goodbye old year…

It is almost the end of 2013.

 Overall I have been pleased with the short stories I have produced this year, despite their rejection by Woman’s Weekly magazine.  Don’t get me wrong… At the time the rejections were painful, some of the letters arrived when I was ill and at my lowest ebb, three arrived whilst I was on a lovely holiday and were waiting on the mat in the porch to jolt me straight back into the real world, but they all taught me something.

My main lesson was Women’s Weekly doesn’t like the subject/ style /way I write. (No feedback so still don’t know why they were rejected)

Next lesson; I can, when I put my mind to it complete several shorts a month. At one point I sent WW one short a week for 12 weeks.

Next; I am not cut out to write romance. I learnt this, mainly from an online romance writing course, but also some of my short stories were crying out for a sad /abrupt or downright weird ending, but I forced them into a warm hearted feel good end for the sake of the WW office.

My biggest lesson this year was thanks to a friend on Facebook who offered to read some of my ‘stuff’. He gave me a valid and honest crit then suggested that my main writing talent may lie in the paranormal / unexplainable/ ghost / fantasy area. A HUGE thank you to him for taking the time to help out.


I have had a tentative try at re-arranging some of my WIPs so that they included one or more of the above in the plot line … And Lo and behold , I am instantly happier in moving them forward and getting on with finishing them.

2014 is almost upon us. 

I am part of the 100k challenge. Hopefully the 100k words will form a book or two.

In October I met up with two writerly friends from Facebook. I had a wonderful time. I felt we gelled, I hope they did too, and look forward to meeting up with them again. It is amazing how just talking writing, with fellow writers moves you along the pages quicker and with more enthusiasm. It also helped me that they were lovely people, natural, friendly and with some of the same fears and questions that I have. Which goes to prove that I am not alone, even as a mainly solitary writer !

My plans for 2014? 

To write of course.


May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me this year, those I have met along the way , and all my fellow Facebook users whom I have yet to meet.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2014

…stay safe.

Brightest Blessings.



  1. We did gell didn’t we…like glue! 🙂 I think you are definitely more of a fantasy/paranormal writer. You will be brilliant at that. I’ve had loads of rejections from WW, just telling me to read their guidelines…like I hadn’t already! I’ve had to come to the same conclusion with them and PF. Hey ho someone out there wants us…we just need to find them. Here’s to a great 2014! We are going to knock the socks off them! 🙂

    • We sure are Carol… We will be the ‘A’ team!

      As for WW not only did I read their guidelines ( yes I got the same stock letter!) but I also paid and went on their first workshop to learn how to write for them. .. And Gaynor even said ‘great’ ‘love it’ to some of my plot lines. Think now she was just being polite.

      I raise a glass to our success next year… * clink. * cheers


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