Posted by: writingwitch2013 | January 14, 2014

Well, Hello 2014

It’s 2014. 

I am stating the obvious, but well… IT’S 2014. A new year and coincidently a number 7!

Before you think I have lost the plot totally, I assure you I haven’t…  I have found it.

2+1+4=7  Numerology.

When I look back good things happened to me when the number 7 was involved..

Our wedding date adds up to 7, as does each of the three house numbers we have lived in since getting married. This is our 34 th year married (a no.7)  and yesterday I got an email to say that the story I had submitted to a magazine had been accepted .

Wyrd, it was the 7th short story I sent to that magazine after sending dozens to a different magazine last year and being rejected.

Of course I had six rejected before they accepted the seventh, but it was all worth it.

The story began as a sort of plot trailer for a novel idea I had, but developed as a stand alone story. Looking at the plot last night, I am now eager to carry on with it, although it will differ greatly from the short story I produced, and hopefully be better.

Watch this space 2014… Together we can achieve things.



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