Posted by: writingwitch2013 | February 6, 2014

Life… The game of chess


More and more lately I have begun to see life as a game of chess. The way to survive is to be one step ahead of your opponent. My opponent in this case is ‘life’.

Sometimes with chess, the game is one long drawn out strategic but steady paced plan. It is genial, logical and in most games I play although there is usually a winner it is more or less an equal and level playing board.

There is the odd occasion where the game starts out with unexpected speed, I am forced into places I don’t want to go, but because of circumstances there is no other move to make. These moves can see me panic and hurtle off without thinking into the nearest corner or plunge into the path of the opponent.
The game is fierce, one sided and mean.

…BUT like chess there is always the unknown moves. The chance move. The move the opponent has overlooked and that fortune has highlighted as your next move. This can result in a draw or a win.

I am not sure if I won or drew my last match, but I was not the loser.

The loser was the opponent who maliciously reported me to the Tax office for earning as a writer.
My fault for announcing that I’d had a story accepted after three years of submissions and rejections.

Did it take the shine off my achievement?

Yes, it made me sad to think that there are people out there who feel they have to wipe the pieces off the board and leave the game sulking.

Did it knock my confidence?

Yes, it chipped it a little. I began to think that sharing news of achievements is not a good move.

Did it panic me?

No, I calmly clarified the rules. I had already anticipated an achievement and planned ahead. I was several moves ahead of my opponent.

Did it spoil the game?

No. Luckily I had castled at the beginning of the game. My pride was protected by honesty and supported by the friendship of other known and trusted players.

The chess game was dominated by the knights with their strange and unpredictable jumps. They fought it out dancing around on the board until my opponent managed to cage themselves, allowing me to emerge shaken but not harmed.

I may not have won, it could have been a stalemate, but I was not the loser.

I can live with myself.

I am not governed by hate or jealousy or whatever black mood dominates their moves.

I can move on to the next game with a clean sheet. I can make light moves freely without dragging around moods that weigh me down and fog my thought process.

How can one face an opponent in the next game of chess when they are fighting battles within themselves.

What has all this taught me?

If life throws you lemons… Slice them and pour yourself a Gin and Tonic, add the lemon, sit back and write a story about a chess game…..


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