Posted by: writingwitch2013 | February 6, 2014

Writing Buddies

Am writing

Am writing

I read an article in writing magazine this week about writing buddies.

it was singing the praises of having a like minded soul to work alongside, either from the other side of the world or from the same area.

The idea is that you encourage each other to write. This can be done either by setting each other challenges or by offering feedback and support.

The odd thing was, that before I read the article I had already spotted a friend on Facebook who seemed to be floundering, like myself, and playfully offered her a challenge of writing a short story on a given prompt by the end of the following week.

We kept in touch, wrote our stories and swapped.

Brilliant! We had both approached the prompt from a different direction, enjoyed each others offering, and better still we wrote with different styles.

we have now buddied up.

I feel as though this has given my writing a lift and am excited about the plotting and planning process ahead.

It is so easy, when spending all day at home, to get distracted from writing and shelve it in favour of another offer/ task/ procrastination, but with a writing buddy also trying to hit a target, the inclination to write is stronger and it is an invisible driving force behind the determination to succeed<

So although the article arrived too late on my doorstep, I read it and was pleased that it endorsed what I had already found out.

Writing is so much better and rewarding when it is shared.



  1. That is a great idea.

    • We both like YA and are aiming for 40k so not pushing ourselves too hard which makes it easier and should suit both of us. Plus we can still do our own thing , eg short stories , if time allows in between.

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