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An interview with blog guest Hudson Crowe




Hi Hudson. Thank you for taking time out from your mission to speak to me.




You’re welcome, but it will have to be quick because Mum needs me back as soon as possible.




Q. Yes I can appreciate that, but already 3 chapters in, I am wondering why the Rowntrees don’t know that you and your mum are living in the Hall too.




A. Well, if you have read up to chapter four you will know that we are well hidden. The Rowntrees mustn’t know that we are spying on them. If they find out it will spoil everything.




Q. Who is the main character in the book.


A. I am, although it isnt just told from my point of view.




Q. Can you describe Crowses Hall and why it is so important to keep it.




A. It has been in our family since the 15 th century. It started out as a very basic home, except for the Great Hall for entertaining visitors. Over the centuries my ancestors have extended and added on until it is the building you see today.


Family and family history and tradition means a lot to the Crowe generations. In the past it was a very grand and important part of the village. My forefathers helped the villagers in mean times and donated towards the introduction of things such as sewerage, electricity and gas and phone lines and other stuff I can’t remember.




Q. But why does that make it important to keep the building.




A. Besides the fact that it is a part of our history? Well if it isn’t enough that my family can’t bear to see it go, then imagine what it would do to the village. It would change the shape and very nature of the village. The land that Crowses Hall sits on is vast and if you look at it in relation to the rest of Penrooken, if a developer gets his hands on it and builds houses, it would more than double the size of the village. We would almost be a town. The resources, as they stand now, would be over stretched. It would change the whole face of the village and such a large influx of new people can’t be good for the friendly nature and closeness of the residents already living here.




Q. You sound very serious, how do you relax?




A. Do I really? I suppose that’s because mum and I have discussions and I share a lot of the responsibility at home. I am now the man of the house.


 I read a lot. I like the Narnia series and of course I have read Harry Potter. I like the Merlin and King Arthur type books and Ivanhoe is a favourite, my Dad used to read it to me.


Before the house went up for sale I used to play in the grounds and mimick the action in the books, or build dens. There is a platform in one of the trees that I built. I still hope that one day I can make it into a tree house.


 I like making things, I am good with my hands and have rigged up a few remote control tricks. Dad and I made a remote control aeroplane together once.




Q. You are living on a boring diet at the moment. What would ideally be your first meal when you are no longer in hiding.




A. Roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and gravy. One of those large Yorkshire puddings filled with carrot and swede mash, gravy and roasties. Look ! Now you have made my mouth water.




Q. Pudding?




A. Oh it has to be strawberries and ice cream for pudding. Only vanilla ice cream though, none of that fancy flavoured stuff.




Q. Do you miss your Dad?




A. Of course, who wouldn’t, but I speak to him often.


Is that all? I really need to get back.




Q. One last question. What happens if the Rowntrees stay for the whole time?




A. They mustn’t. It’s unthinkable. One way or the other we must get rid of them. 


They must go! I have to get back… Every second counts.


                                                                      ***. ***.  ***


Good Luck Hudson.








Hudson lives in Crowses Hall, pictured above.





  1. Fascinating, a great ‘glimpse’ into your wip. A great name also.

    • Thank you Carol, I was inspired by a genius to interview Hudson. I liked the way it worked out. I am aiming to interview most of the characters by the end of the novel. Great idea Carol 😉

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