Posted by: writingwitch2013 | January 1, 2015

A fresh year, and feeling excited.


2015. What does it hold?

Well,  I already know that in September I will officially be a Mother in Law, as my daughter weds her fiancé. That, this year we are going to Lanzarote with her future in laws, and I know that my future son in law will be thirty years old in march. There is a strange feeling to that celebration, because as much as I love the son in law I will be gaining, I will also be remembering that my stillborn son would have been thirty years old in July.

Now I have always believed in Angels. I am not particularly religious, but I can acknowledge that there are greater beings out there that I can never possibly begin to understand.

Things happen. Sometimes you can see the reason why, sometimes you can’t. I do believe that there is an energy out there, though.

Sometimes I can feel it or sense it, and this year (yes I know we are only one day in to the year) I can sense there is something different. Maybe it is just me. 2014 wasn’t our best year as a family, like 2007 it was dominated by the dreaded ‘C’ word, but somehow we both managed to cheat cancer and survive.

Perhaps that is adding to the feeling I have, that 2015 will be special. Special because we both have a second chance at life. Special because our daughter is starting a new journey. Special because now both of our children are home owners. Special because my little angel will be thirty and although the pain and loss is still there, I have learnt to deal with it differently. I think of him as an adult, equal terms, and ask him for help and favours. I feel more personally connected to the universe, to nature and to the energy around me.

I can’t read minds or tell the future, I am not connected in that way. I appreciate more the little things, look for solace in natures colours and textures, love life.

I am hoping that this year will be a great writing year for me.

A great arty and painting year.

A year of good friends and new discoveries and creativity.

A year with less pain and illness.

Above all I feel that 2015 will be the start of a new journey, a fresh slate, new experiences and a purpose to follow.

I just need to take that one step….



  1. I hope that it will be a wonderful year for you and that God keeps you safe in his heart.

    • Thank you Carol. .. And to you and your family too x

  2. I hope 2015 holds everything you hope for and all that is good helps you along the way

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