Posted by: writingwitch2013 | January 10, 2015

Joan of arc, flash fiction friday and Missing the stop at the station.


This week I have suffered, yes… I feel suffered is the right word… From a horrible dose of Labrynthitis. Besides the pain and lack of balance I have had the loud noise of constant diesel trains rushing through tunnels in my head. Makes it difficult to concentrate when you can’t hear words, just trains.

I was determined to write each day despite this. Friday was flash Friday fiction and I have only just joined up. Unfortunately, although I was inspired by the photo prompt, I struggled to catch enough words emerging from the loud speeding train noises to manage more than 74 words. As is always the way, after the closing time the noise abated to the gentle chugging of steam trains, enough for me to finish the flash piece, but I had missed my stop at the station . Not one to waste writing, and not having much but medical moaning and dead car batteries, to talk about this week, I thought I would post it here.

Prompt. Painting of Joan of arc with Archangel Michael behind her whispering.

Fire and stake.

I avoid the fire, with its dancing flames, instead choose to sit in the chair furthest away from the grate.
What will he make of that?
I watch as he carefully unwraps his lunch of thick sliced bread, and steak sandwich, then pours himself a glass of deep red wine.
He toys with the sandwich and watches me.
‘You know why you’re here?’
‘Close your eyes.’
He drones on and on, in tone less speech he takes me back to a year I remember well.  I don’t listen to his instructions. I don’t need to. I have revisited this ground before, over and over, in my dreams, in my waking hours, in heaven…
I fulfilled my purpose, did as I was asked, but was recalled to fight a different battle.
‘Tell me what you experienced.’
I rise from the chair to leave, and nod to his lunch.
‘You want to give me communion after my confessions?’



  1. Excellent. Loved it.

  2. 🙂 Brilliant

  3. Thank you 🙂

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