Posted by: writingwitch2013 | January 19, 2015

Never too old to reach for a dream…


I saw a facebook post in my email , although it hasn’t come up on a facebook page, from a person who reaching 60 years old realised how good she was at her craft. Out of 250+ pieces of work she reckoned 150 of them where excellent.. It had always been her dream to teach the craft but it was a big step to leave a job and change direction at her age. All the wondering if she could do it and the biggest fear of starting off again were stopping her from following an ideal, a dream…..

I loved my job it was also my life hobby. I was a textile and embroidery tutor and textile artist, teaching demonstrating, designing. I was just getting recognition from work (after being there 12 years freelance!) and had been asked to compile a book. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer , I asked for a month off work to have the op and first dose of chemo and they gave my job to someone else. I had cancer, no job and no recognition.
I thought, I’ll show them, I will design the book myself and get it published . But after chemo and radio therapy, my oomph left me. I was tired, withdrawn, bitter about what they did to me at my work place, and did nothing about the book.
Two years down the line from cancer I developed Fibromyalgia. My hands and eyes aren’t good enough to stitch, some days I can’t remember the simplest of words and I find it hard to concentrate. I have turned to learning art because I am still creative. If I don’t create then I will wither as a person.
I am learning art because it will keep the grey cells creating, and teach me to look and place marks in meaningful places, to co-ordinate, to relax, to find another part of me that can live… be alive.

I will not be a great artist, but I will strive to be as good as I possibly can.
The same with my writing, I may not make the best seller lists, but it will give me an escape, keep the grey cells working and keep me alive…
…because without creativity I will just exist. I will not live, or be True to myself, it is my make up. I will endeavour to create as long as is possible. If the day ever arrives when I lose my sight, then I will dictate my books and maybe learn to sing properly.

It was easier for me, because I didn’t have a job to step off from. The difficult part was, after a battering of my self confidence, opening up to others to say ‘This is what I am going to do now… And I will succeed, given time and perseverance.’ I was lucky to find a wealth of friendship on Facebook that I couldn’t have bought, with all my wages, had I still been working. The support has been invaluable. I say ‘lucky’ but I have a feeling I was guided to these people… Drawn by some invisible thread… And so happy to know them.

We only live this life once.

If you have a dream, reach for it… It may not be as high as you think, and if it is within reach.. And you don’t grab it, then you are depriving yourself of an experience.
You are never too old to dream or live that dream.
I am still dreaming and reaching. My arms may ache, but I think of the feeling I will experience, when I finally hold on to my achievement and that alone gives me incentive to keep on reaching.
To explore other islands, you must first cast off from your shore.



  1. count myself blessed to know you and see your art take off in a new direction

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