Posted by: writingwitch2013 | February 14, 2015

Flash fiction: walking the white line



Percy Shaw from Yorkshire , West Riding, invented ‘Cats Eyes’ reflective road studs. He patented them in 1934 and manufactured them for roads in 1935. It is the 80 year anniversary of their use and this piece of Flash fiction is a nod to this brilliant invention.

Walking the white line.

Feet marching, marching, marching.
In straight lines, all of us, just marching, up and down, always marching.
“What’s the use of all this marching?”
“How is this training? I haven’t had a fight, pulled a punch or met an opponent. I have, however, worn out several pairs of plimsolls and I have blisters on both heels.” I want to fight and my frustration is beginning to surface. I almost wobble on the line but straighten and regain my balance.
Jet coughed, I turn around.
“Panther,” she hisses. “We are being watched.”
I swiftly survey the area. There is nothing out of the ordinary, just a line of would be gladiators, marching, marching, marching. My senses are heightened, things have changed within me, now I am on edge. Since Jet mentioned a watcher, I am uneasy.
Now I am concentrating on marching a straight line, down the middle of a road, that’s in the middle of nowhere, learning to walk a tightrope. All the time looking out for the spy, probably from our opponents. The competition means everything to me. I need to protect our tactics.
I stub my toe, but keep my balance. The training helps keep me steady.
… And all the while, the cats eyes are watching.





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