Posted by: writingwitch2013 | February 22, 2015

VisDare 86: Coming of Age



Coming of Age.

Matron went through her belongings, before they were packed into storage, held the jar out in front of her, and asked, ‘Why do you keep it?’
‘It’s all I have left from my parents. They gave me it before they d…’
‘You were five!’
‘Five and a half.’
She looked at the twig, stone, egg shell and piece of mirror at the bottom of the jar and brushed away an escaping tear as she remembered.
Matron reluctantly packed it away.
Now, seven years later, she was free of her boarding school and she held the jar in her hand. All day she’d felt an undercurrent of energy, an awakening, not just because it was her eighteenth birthday, but because she was claiming her birthright.
The empty jar hissed and crackled. The wand, scrying mirror, crystal ball and hawk appeared at her feet.
Her parents gift for her coming of age.



  1. Definitely a novel in there. 🙂

    • Thought there might be so long as it doesn’t become too Harry Potteresque !

  2. From the Writing Witch herself. Maybe instead of boarding school orphanage? or Workhouse? Less Potteresque endless possibilities. Love it x

    • Yes, Vanessa, you are right… If I carry it on into a novel it would be a boarding school, trying to mould her into someone she isn’t. For flash fiction, workhouse might have been better because at 11 yrs old she could be set to work until she is 18. It is now filed under TBC…..

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