Posted by: writingwitch2013 | March 4, 2015

Through another’s view. Flash fiction warm up Wednesday.

image Flash fiction warm up Wednesday is a story in 100 words on the nose with picture prompt and a requirement, which today was to include a disability.

Through Other peoples eyes.

I tried to climb out of the pit, my fingers bled, my knees ached, my head was throbbing and blood trickled down my face. Left for dead, but determined to survive, my anger exploded into a scream.
‘If I get out of here, you will pay me my money back.’
My mistake, I’d hired the killer. I’d text, ‘She feels life isn’t worth living’I should have been clearer. My twin has a terminal cancer, but looks so well. She wished for euthanasia, illegal here.
My facial deformities never held me back, but I guess we all see worth differently.


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