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Burden (6) VisDare 98


Burden ( 6)

We all have baggage we carry around with us, some more than others. Some find ways of offloading their baggage, only to build up more.
Old Jim was one of these, he found a way around it.
He discovered a phone number in the local telephone kiosk.
He often phoned up to chat to her, he unburdened his soul, told her all his woes and she listened patiently and sympathetically, to all his problems. He felt much better after each phone call.
He called her his angel.
He knew he wasn’t the only one who phoned her, ‘Angel’ Brenda had an open phone line for any soul in distress, nevertheless it helped him offload his burdens.
Then the phone line stopped. Jim was no longer able to chat to his angel, and when the world became too much, he left it.
The Samaritan, Brenda, now carries that burden of guilt.

150 words

A note about the above inspiration.
In the 1990’s, the Samaritans opened a phone line called the ‘Brenda’ Line to deal with people having problems of a sexual nature. Any person joining the Samaritans at that time, would be given a different name to be known by if their real name was Brenda. The line closed when it was thought that men were using it as a cheap alternative to a chat line.



  1. Oh .. I do not think it’s fair.. but often way too true.

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