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Burden (7) VisDare 98


Burden (7)

‘What in the heavens is all that noise?’

She questioned the tall man in front of her, dressed in a long robe with a wooden coffin strapped to his back.

‘Will yer stop banging that headstone with the stick and hollering like that, it’s enough to wake the bloomin’ dead!’

‘That, my dear, is what I am attempting to do.’

He surveyed her dress, a ragged outfit and almost translucent. Her skin was pale to the point of invisible, and he thought she almost hovered above the ground, she appeared so light.

‘This gentleman paid me to carry his burdens so that he could live life to the full. We had a contract. At the point of his death he was to take it all with him, but he has left me to carry it. I want him to honour his word.’

’Him?’ She howled. ‘Mr D’Evil never honoured nuthing.’

150 words



  1. Oh how often we are fooled into believing the words of The dark lord.

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