Posted by: writingwitch2013 | October 16, 2016

Absence makes the writing stronger?



I have some news, but as I have been absent from my blog, it is old news.

I am half way through editing the novel, and have the sequel playing out in my head. I am struggling to concentrate on the editing because I want to get on with the writing. Silly really, because I feel I should wait to see if anyone wants to publish the first before I write a second.

I have had my head down this year writing the novel. It is a different type of novel to my past attempts, and I am enjoying it.

You may remember, I joined the Romantic Novelist Assoc New Writers Scheme in January this year, and had to submit my novel for critique before the end of August? I wrote a romance novel between February and June and sent it off to be read before I went on holiday.

Just romance with intrigue. No magic. No faeries. No ghosts. Just normal people working their problems out the traditional way, without magic! It took a lot of restraint to avoid a little magic slipping in. I hope the only magic the reader will eventually feel is the joy of reading it.

I got it back in August and the verdict wasn’t bad, in fact I was really pleased. I have been editing and tightening it up since then.

Half way through now.

The end is in sight.

Head down again —

Am editing.



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