Posted by: writingwitch2013 | March 13, 2017

….and breathe

IMG_0764It has been six months since my last post, so what have I been doing?

The big news is that Foxtrot In Freshby is edited and hopefully ready to leave home and start its journey.

I have finished the first draft of novel number two. It is a RomCom set in Pendle around Pendle Hill, and yes it invoves witches. I am in the process of editing it, but meanwhile I am half way through writing the first draft of novel number three.

Novel number three is based on the Pre Raphaelite paintings, and is set around The Walker Art Gallery. I am very excited about the plot, but that hasn’t always been the case. I read the first chapter, of what had been a completed novel, in a Liverpool novel competition last year and was met with stoney indifference by the judges. Had it not have been that the other ten contestants received hints, tips, helpful pointers towards other authors in their genre and generally some reaction from the judges, then rejection wouldn’t have hurt so much, but I recieved nothing. Just a comment by the main judge that I had cheated in writing about artists as that meant my book cover was already sorted.

Smarting from the humiliation from being treated differently from my fellow contestants I pressed delete on my computer and waved goodbye to a year and a half of writing and research. Yes, the full novel, gone in seconds.

Did I regret it? Yes I did. I should never have turned up that morning of the competition. I’d had a dreadful flare of Fibromyalgia for a few days and it had left me drained. The journey was painful and I’d almost turned back a couple of times. But, my name was on the list, they were expecting me and people were dedicating their time for free towards the running of the comp, the least I could do was turn up.

On a normal day, facing the reaction I got, I would have marched home determined to show him that the novel was worth at least a few comments and maybe, eventually some good reviews. However, the timing on that day wasn’t great .

What a difference a week makes!

I gathered together all the notes and scenes I had written on scraps and pads of paper and I started rewriting the novel. I was determined to write it again and edit it this year. I found my handwritten first chapter in the writing pad, the exact same piece I’d read out during the heats of the competition. I took it along to writing group and they loved it.

It is up to twenty five thousand words so far.

Could I end up with three novels written and edited this year to send out into the world of submissions?

Watch this space.



  1. What horrible judges. I’ve read some of your other work and I’m sure they could have said something positive!

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