Posted by: writingwitch2013 | July 5, 2017

Inaction and Inspiration



My posts on this blog have been noticebly absent, and if you are a follower of mine then I apologise.

I set up a new blog and website because of the impending publication of my first novel, Foxtot In Freshby, but for reasons that are far too technical for me to understand they refused to acknowledge me as the owner! When i search google for them, it appears they have been swallowed up into a huge cyber hole. Nowhere to be seen.

Frustrated by my lack of authority over my own creations I am returning to my original blog.

I will be changing the style slightly, but shall continue to make notes of my ponderings, inspirations and still let my imagination run free.

I will be getting back into writing my second RNA NWS novel, Mondays in Gallery 8, before my time runs out. It has to be submitted before the end of August. Trouble is, I’ve lost the thread. So today I shall be rolling up my sleeves and diving into the word pool.

Did I mention that last years NWS novel, Foxtrot In Freshby, will be published by Crooked Cat books in the Autumn. Exciting, eh? It is a romance with intrigue story of Gina and Chris, centering on their romance. Thrown into the mix is Gina’s ex boyfriend and her ex best friend, Tony and Lucy, the rival dance school owner, Gina’s students and some vandals. The full cast of Foxtort in Freshby is on my pinterest album. I always use Pinterest to find the characters and ideas and use it as a story board. I am inspired by all sorts of articles, photos from mags and films. (A particular favourite was an article in a newspaper which prompted my inspiration for the rival dance school owner. tvshowbiz/article-4328410/Vanessa-Redgrave-dances-husband-Italian-Strictly.html )

I love Strictly and hope Strictly fans might like my novel when it is released.

I am also on Instagram as awenthornber sharing my #Inspiration with anyone who cares to look.  If you are inspired by my posts I would love to see the results of the inspiration. You can share them in my comments.

NB. A post script to this blog post is that the name of the rival dance school owner was changed to Paula after edits and pre release.



  1. Great to see you back. Good luck with the publication and the new novel

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